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How do you feel when you open your wardrobe? Happy and excited at the array of beautiful outfits? Or a little daunted because the choice feels lacklustre and you're not sure anything will look quite right? Maybe you've got a mountain of lovely clothes and accessories and you don't have the time to do them justice. Or maybe you think your clothes need an overhaul but you just don't know where to start. 

With my wardrobe workout I'll show you how to transform your existing clothes into fabulous looks that are easy to put together and wonderful to wear - and I'll put together a list of potential new pieces that you might want to invest in to enhance what you already have. 

How it works

I'll come to your home and start by learning about your personal style, body shape, colours and clothing requirements. Together, we'll then sort through your wardrobe, making the clothes that you like work better together, finding fresh ways of wearing them and creating beautiful new combinations and outfits.

We'll also assess the colours in your wardrobe, identifying the best ones for your colouring and ways to enhance the other shades. And I'll review your accessories, putting together new looks and showing you how to wear them with maximum effect, how to transform day wear into evening wear and bring colour and embellishment to your clothes.  We'll also weed out any pieces that you don’t wear, that don’t fit or are less flattering - making space for any new items to complete your wardrobe. 

Following the session, I'll put together your own personal Wardrobe Report which will document all that we achieved, and give you a Look Book of your new outfits, a review of your personal style, styling tips and a shopping list of the key new items you might want to invest in. 

Time commitment: From half a day.

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