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"Fig & Frost gave my tired old wardrobe a much-needed make over when I least expected it. As a busy mum I was used to wearing practical items and didn't think I could also be stylish with a baby in tow.

But Tessa showed me, with simple changes, that I can turn my existing clothes into beautiful, wearable, everyday outfits with matching accessories. It has given me a lot of confidence and I get excited about my clothes again.

Fig & Frost is the service you don't think you need but you absolutely do! I can't recommend Tessa enough!"

Sara (Islington)

"Tessa has been amazing. I changed jobs almost two years ago and my old clothes just didn’t work for my new role. Finally my wife called in Tessa to sort me out, and it was a great experience. 

First of all she came and did a wardrobe workout session and identified the clothes I needed and the shape and style that suited me. She then did a fantastic pre-shop, so that when we went shopping together, everything was so easy. She had picked out a range of clothes from several different shops and I ended up getting everything I needed, including shoes. Tessa introduced me to new brands that were completely in line with the quality and price I was looking for, and she got the shaping and styling perfect. 

I’m thrilled with my new clothes and found Tessa’s service invaluable."

Ian (Chiswick)

"Tessa has a real gift for understanding exactly what works when it comes to your own individual style. During my personal shopping experience, I tried out new shops, styles and colours, and she found so many lovely pieces which have now become my wardrobe staples. Tessa identified what was missing from my wardrobe and instilled confidence in me to try out new and different pieces. The process of shopping by myself now feels far less onerous as I am clear what I am looking for and know exactly what works for me. I can't recommend Tessa highly enough; she is not only very talented but also a lovely person to spend a morning with!"

Julia (Berkshire)

"My son was 18 months and I found that everything I’d bought since his arrival just didn’t work.  My shape had changed, as had my priorities and lifestyle and my wardrobe suffered as a result.  Tessa came and did my colours and a wardrobe workout and it really was the best place to start. I loved the session, it was so much fun. Tessa had boundless energy and was willing to review all my fashion choices, (winners and losers!) from an objective, critical but sensitive perspective. I realized I was a trophy shopper and that buying clothes had no real bearing on what kind of wardrobe I was building for myself day to day.

Tessa made a note of anything we decided I was missing as we went through outfit by outfit so I had a ready-made shopping list of where to go next. I also had a black tie event coming up and Tessa pointed me in the direction of a pair of lace trousers from JCrew which were perfect. The advice on accessories was great at making me feel really put together and polished, very important when Mum duty threatens to envelop any sense of style!  

My wardrobe now holds items of clothing I actually wear rather than being museum storage for past fads. The whole experience was such a boost and I’ll be back in touch with Tessa for a shopping session next season."

Lorna (Highgate)

"I was in need of a wardrobe boost - I have a good sense of my own style, but felt much more comfortable with my formal work wardrobe than my off-duty look. I was a little nervous about the process, but Tessa instantly made me feel relaxed; she's incredibly warm and perceptive, and an excellent listener. She has a fabulous sense of style too; I felt very confident in her expertise!

I signed up initially for a Fig & Frost Wardrobe Workout session - after a detailed discussion about my lifestyle and analysing my body shape, Tessa helped me identify the best pieces in my wardrobe, as well as brand new ways of wearing them. She gave me lots of suggestions for new weekend looks, the shapes and styles that suit me, and how to wear accessories for maximum impact. This was such an amazing experience - Tessa's insights and knowledge have given me a lot more confidence and I love my new capsule wardrobe!

We followed this up with a fantastic Personal Shopping session to look for new outfits. I had so much fun shopping with Tessa - she found some beautiful pieces to fill the gaps in my wardrobe and introduced me to some fantastic shops I'd not considered before. I absolutely love the outfits we chose together and wear them all the time.

After the success of our shopping session, I booked a Colour Consultation - this was a revelation! Tessa helped me identify my colour palette and gave me so many helpful suggestions. I've worn some of my perfect colours for the first time and have received so many compliments! I can't wait to book another session; thank you so much Tessa!"

Caroline (Greenwich)

“Tessa came to my house and did a Colour Consultation and Wardrobe Workout. I have never done anything like this before, and the whole experience was fantastic.  From the moment Tessa walked through my front door, she made me feel completely at ease. Her gentle and kind manner stopped me feeling at all self-conscious, and she was knowledgeable and confident as a Stylist. 

After identifying my colour palate and body shape, Tessa helped me streamline my wardrobe and also styled key outfits from my existing clothes, shoes and jewellery. I found this very helpful, as I can now throw on clothes in the morning rush and know that the outfit will work! 

She also gave me tips about the shapes, styles and patterns that I should be aiming for when dressing and shopping, plus a follow-up report highlighting the entire session which I found extremely useful. Tessa rightly identified a few key items I was missing from my wardrobe, and after the success of our session, I am now looking forward to a shopping trip with her to find them!”

Maddy (Chiswick)

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