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The most successful businesses understand the importance of helping their employees look as well as feel the part. Your employees are one of the most visible and credible representatives of your brand so it's worth investing in their image if you expect them to make a big impression. Whether it's as part of a talent programme to foster or reward your up-and-coming stars, or a personal development opportunity for an individual, you'll reap huge benefits for your business and for the employee(s) involved.

How it works

No two businesses are the same and no two briefs are the same, so I would expect to outline a package for you based on your aims and objectives, your field of work and the profile of the employees involved, and then refine it based on your feedback. All of my services can be flexed and tailored to serve your needs. I can provide bespoke packages for a group of employees or for an individual and these can be one-off sessions or on a rolling basis depending on your requirements. 


My image consultancy partners

If you're looking for a broader programme, your bespoke package could also include access to complementary services from my trusted partners. These include the following: 

Life coach
Personal trainer
Confidence coach
Professional Organiser

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