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Shopping can be a wonderful experience when we have all the time in the world and an encyclopaedic knowledge of where to go to find the best pair of earrings, or the most perfect pair of jeans (high street, high end, boutique, department store). But those stars don't necessarily align very often, if ever. Maybe you've got a wedding to go to, or a race outfit to find - or perhaps you simply want to refresh your wardrobe for work or home - my bespoke personal shopping experience will ensure you find exactly what you're looking for, and make it fun and hassle-free.


How it works

Your session will be completely tailored to your needs, your shopping brief and budget. Before our shopping trip, I'll complete a pre-assessment (face-to-face or on the phone) so that I can understand exactly what you're looking for, taking into account your body shape, colours, style and what you want to achieve from the session. This is particularly important if I haven't worked with you before.

As part of your personal shopping package I will do all the shopping research for you, putting aside the pieces I think will look fabulous, in your size - and targeting your favourite shops (from high street to designer, depending on your budget), while also trying some new brands. This means the pieces will be ready and waiting on the day and we can focus on making the most of our time together and finding just the right combinations for you. This is a fun and intense experience so coffee and/or lunch stops are a must!

Time commitment:  From two hours.

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