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If you haven't already had one, I really recommend having a colour consultation before you make any significant investment in your wardrobe. The correct colours for your hair and skin type can turn a drab, neutral wardrobe into a show-stopping one and bring out the best tones in your skin, eyes and hair, highlighting your strongest features and creating light and definition in the most flattering way. 

So many people are surprised at the array of colours that they didn't realise they could wear and have told me what a difference the new colours have made to their shopping and dressing experience. Knowing which colours suit you can also hugely influence your mood and sense of confidence. 


How it works

For a colour session I use the Colour Flair method. I'll come to your home and initially identify your skin, eye and personality type with a brief selection of questions designed to draw out your personal preferences and key personality traits. I'll use different colour drapes to find your best and most striking colours and then together we'll review the colours already in your wardrobe, identifying your best pieces. We'll also talk about your personal make-up palette, hair colour and accessories. 

As part of the session you'll get your own personalised colour fan to take away and open up a whole new world of clothing combinations and styles. And then you can finally shop guilt-free - knowing you are buying everything in the right colour! 


Time commitment:  Two hours. Often clients decide to combine a colour session with a wardrobe workout or personal shopping trip, in which case we can put together a package that includes both.

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